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with the My Script Savings Program

For an annual enrollment fee of $10, your membership provides you and everyone in your family all of the advantages of the My Script Savings program.
  • Over 400 prescribed generic medications for $4.99 for a 30-day supply*
  • $10.99 for a 90-day supply of select generics*
  • Select Women’s Health medications for $9.99; up to a 30-day supply*
  • $24.99 for up to a 90-day supply* of select Women’s Health medications
  • Discounts on all other prescription medications**
  • Flu Shots for $19.99 per individual

*The day supply is based upon the average dispensing patterns for the specific drug and strength. The program, as well as the prices and the list of covered drugs, can be modified at any time without notice.

**Excludes over-the-counter medications.
This discount program is NOT a health insurance policy or a Medicare prescription drug plan and is not intended as a substitute for insurance. The program only provides for discounts on health services from participating providers, and the range of the discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and the health services received. The program does not make payments to providers of health care services. Members are required to pay for all health care services, but will receive a discount from contracted providers. This program is administered by Medical Security Card Company (dba ScriptSave®), 4911 E. Broadway Blvd., Ste. 200, Tucson, AZ 85711, 1-866-223-9675, and is marketed by Shopko, P.O. Box 19060, Green Bay, WI 54307-9060.
This program is not available in all stores. Membership or enrollment fees apply. This program is governed by the terms of the membership agreement provided upon activation. Administrator is not responsible for providing or guaranteeing service or for the quality of service rendered. Participating providers are subject to change without notice and are not available in all areas. This contract is not protected by any state guaranty fund.
If you are not completely satisfied, you may call us at 1-866-223-9675 or email us at to cancel at any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days after receiving your membership materials, you will receive a refund of all enrollment fees. If you cancel after the first 30 days, your membership will terminate and no refund will be issued.